Tracy is the co-founder and Director of Circle Cranio - A 2 year training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy based in Exeter, UK.  https://circlecranio.com

Her extensive teaching experience includes Course Director, CTET, teaching there for over 15 years before resigning in 2021.

An Internatioal Senior Tutor she has taught in Shanghai and helped to set up a full training out there.  She currently teaches on 2 foundation trainings in Wroclaw, Poland.

As a founder member of Maitri - a group of female Senior Tutors, she offers regular postgraduate courses in the USA.  She has also assisted on several post graduate trainings at the Transberg Institute in Sweden.

She brings a simple clarity to her teaching along with a great sense of humour and artful storytelling.

Upcoming Seminars

Circle Cranio


2023 - Online Introductory Mornings - Free

  • Sat 7th Jan
  • Sat 25th Feb
  • Sat 13 May
  • Sat 3rd June
  • Sat 2nd Sept

2023 - In Person (in Exeter) Introductory Weekends - £100

  • 21st & 22nd January 
  • 22nd & 23rd July
  • 23rd & 24th September

2 year Practitioner Training

Starts October 2023

Attendance on all introductory courses requires registration.  Please email circlecranio@gmail.com to register.  Further information and application forms for the 2 year practitioner training can be downloaded from the website 



Foundation Trainings, Wroclaw, Poland
Senior Tutor - 2 year Bioldynamic Practitioner Training
booking info: Joanna Czarny - czaszkowokrzyzowa@gmail.com
5th Edition training starting in  June 2023 - Places available