Tracy works with the Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust (CTET) based in North London.

She was the Clinic Director of the CTET Student Clinic in Islington from 2009 to 2018. 

She is a Senior Tutor and co-Course Coordinator on their two year Foundation Trainings and is a guest lecturer on their post-graduate drop in evenings. She has assisted on many postgraduate courses both in the UK and in Sweden at the Broderna Tranberg Institute.

She brings a simple clarity to her teaching along with a great sense of humour and artful storytelling.


Upcoming Seminars

October 2018-July 2020

Foundation Training, CTET London

2 year Biodynamic Practitoner Training

booking info:  www.cranio.co.uk


February 6-10  2019

Biodynamic Family Fields, Spirit in the Desert, Arizona, USA

Birth stories are often recapitulated throughout our lives.  This is an opportunity to deepen into the dynamics that can present within the family unit.  It will enable us to identify, acknowledge and work with these tendencies within the family, in a clinical setting. A significant aspect of this work is to understand when our own history starts to merge into the family field creating a ground of confusion for both practitioner and clients

booking info:  Nan Woodward 480-488-5934 gseifer@aol.com