"Childbirth is the Secret Garden of Women" Frederick Leboyer

Mothers and Babies

Mothers and Babies

Treatment of Mothers & Babies
Craniosacral Therapy is well known for treating young babies but it can also help a woman’s body adjust to the changes created by pregnancy and prepare her for labour.  It can help both mum and baby recover from the rigours of labour and childbirth especially if this has been difficult or complex.

During the birthing process areas of baby's body may become restricted or compressed resulting in common issues such as colic, sucking problems, teething, restlessness and irritability. Sometimes these restrictions resolve by themselves, sometimes they need a little help.

Craniosacral Therapy for Children
It’s not just great for babies; craniosacral may help with lots of stages within your child’s life: teething, tantrums, phobias, bed wetting, behavioural, social and learning difficulties and stresses from exams with older children. The treatment process is gentle and supportive to the physical and emotional needs of the individual child.

During a Session
At the first session an in depth case history is taken with emphasis on your baby’s/child’s birth. In order to encourage a sense of safety and containment, I prefer to treat baby in your arms so that they have direct contact with you – treating whilst baby is feeding is very beneficial. For toddlers I usually engage in play with toys during treatment.

Treatment involves me placing my hands gently on different parts of the body to sense any restrictions within the tissues and fluids.   I may work with both mum and baby as your systems are so closely linked to each other.